Introducing…….Mr Monkey Business!

Introducing…….Mr Monkey Business!

Hello Kitty Lovers

My Name is Monkey and I’ve taken over the blog from my older sister who sadly passed away (RIP Tuksie) I wanted to talk about the thing that I love the most at the moment – my new cat wheel!

My slave ordered me one from Cazami Cat exercise wheels and boy is it just the best thing ever! It only took me about twenty minutes for me to learn how to use it and I was well away. I use my wheel every day as it provides me with both physical and mental stimulation. Sometimes a just trot along merrily meowing as I go and other times (much to my slaves dismay) I jump on it and run along as fast as I can for about ten seconds before I jump off and run around the house at one hundred miles and hour. I like to call this my ‘blaze of glory’ run as I often so this after I have visited the litter tray. I did have a little accident on the wheel the other day, but we won’t talk about that. Anyway, my slave cleared it up muttering something about ‘skid marks’.

So, I would just like to say that I highly recommend the wheel. It has provided me and my slaves with hours of entertainment. I’m getting a new friend soon, if she’s lucky I might let her play with the wheel too!

Meows and purrs
Monkey xx