Keeping cats safe in the garden

Keeping cats safe in the garden

Hello kitty lovers!

I’m a big boy now (I was a whole year old last month) and I’m discovering the big outdoors now. I’m only allowed outside if my slave is outside supervising me as apparently I’m so handsome somebody might steal me. I’m also a bit clumsy, so the slaves like to keep an eye on me as much as possible in case I get in trouble! I am however aware of the dangers in and outside of the garden. Here are some tips on keeping us kitties safe if they go outside:

Don’t let cats out at night – it’s much easier for cats to become lost, injured, attacked by a dog or fox or to get run over by a car. Cats are crepuscular, so are most active at dawn and dusk, but they should not be allowed out in complete darkness.

Roads – If you live near a busy road you should seriously consider keeping your cat as an indoor cat. Most cats are not streetwise and can be killed or seriously injured on busy roads. Consider harness training your cat if you would like it to feel the benefit of being outside and you cannot cat proof your garden.

Check the plants in your garden are not toxic – Remove any potentially toxic plants as some can cause severe stomach upset, diarrhoea, kidney failure and even death. Follow this link to see which plants are dangerous or toxic to cats when ingested.

Make sure that your cat is neutered – This will help to reduce injury from fighting or straying. It also helps to prevent the spread of diseases such as FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) and FeLV (Feline leukaemia virus)

Make sure that your kitty is microchipped – This will ensure that you can be reunited with your cat should it become lost.

NB: A note about cat collars: if you do decide to put a collar on your cat make sure that it is a quick release collar that snaps open. Elastic collars are dangerous as they can become caught up causing strangulation or injuries to the armpit area if the leg gets caught.

Extremes in weather – cats should be kept indoors in very hot and very cold weather. If it’s too hot or cold for you it’s too hot and cold for us!

Sunburn – white cats or those with white fur on their nose and ears are susceptible to sunburn and can develop skin cancer later in life. At risk cats should be kept indoors during really hot, sunny weather. Special sunscreen is available for cats, so ask your vet for advice on this if you are unsure (don’t use human sunscreen as cats are sensitive to some chemicals in human products)

Consider cat-proofing your garden – The gold standard of keeping your cat safe in the garden is to either have it completely fenced off so that cats cannot get in or out. There are several companies in the UK that are able to come to your house and do this for you using safe and secure materials.Alternatively a run or large cat pen could be built to allow your cat to have the benefit of being outdoors without risk of escape.

Hope these tips help. Play safe kitties!

Meows and purrs

Monkey xxx